Display photo on your blog comments

I'm sure you often see the photo of someone who gave comments on a blog. Actually, it is easy to display the photo in our comments. Here I will show you the way that I think is the easiest and quick process. The steps are as follows:

  • Sign in and register at http://en.gravatar.com
  • Select |Sign Up|
  • Enter your email address, click | Sign Up | and wait until there is verification email in your email inbox.
  • Open email from the gravatar, then click the URL verification.
  • A new tab will be opened, then you are prompted to enter your nickname and password.
  • Gravatar default settings are usually still a gravatar standard (gravatar icon).


  • To replace gravatar icon into photo or image, go to |My Account| then click |Add an image| and your photo will be uploaded.
  • gravatar2

  • After that, you can crop your photos or images as you wish.
  • Click |Finish|.

    Easy isn’t it? From now, your photos will appear on your every comment on any blog.
    Hopefully useful.

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