AquaSnap to set the desktop window

Windows 7 has a good effect like Aero Style, as well as Windows Vista. If you currently use Windows XP / 2000 and would like your desktop to display effect such as a Windows 7, use AquaSnap.


This program allows you to set the display of each window that open. So if you have a lot of work with various programs, you can set any window so that more efficient. The trick is just pressed the Shift + double-click the edge of the program window. Alternatively, you can also drag the window program into every corner that has been setting and automatically will be arranged.

AquaSnap Features:

  • Works on multiple monitors
  • Can change the window size to half or a quarter and easily arrange
  • Multilingual GUI
  • Can change the skin interface

If interested please download here. It's free :)

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