7 New Widget for Blogger

As we know, Blogger has launched new functional gadget that is recent comment, recent post, etc. Here is the list functional widget for Blogger. It’s easy to install.

1. Random Post Widget : Developed by Bloggodown, this widget displays links in form of link lists. There are two options, random post list and random post with summary and really easy to install.


2. Recent Post with Thumbnail : Developed by Bloggertricks this widget is really eye catching to show recent post. Visitor can see thumbnail picture.

 recent posts widget for blogger

3. Total Count Post and Total Comment on Post Widget : This widget will show your total post and total comment. You can get this widget from Bloggodown


4. Related Post Widget : Get this widget from Blogspottutorial. Usefull to extend pageview of your blog. Placed under post and will show another post in same category.


5. Popular Post Widget : Show link of most commented post. Get this widget and installation setting on Bloggerstop

6. Recent Comments Widget : Helpfull to track newest comment, so you can response it quickly. Get this recent comments widget from bloggerstop

7. Top Commentator Widget : Widget from bloggerstop, show the most loyale visitor that always drop comment on your post. Show your gratefull by showing their link.

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