How to repair your computer if hang or restart itself

Has your computer suddenly hang or restart itself when used? This case would be very annoying if happens while you're doing something important, more over you forget not save the results of such work yet.
If you experience this problem, do not blame on application or even reinstalling Windows. The problem could be on the processor fan cooler. On PCs using Pentium IV processor usually has a processor fan cooler design as shown below.
heatsinkfan As the computer age, the hook is often broken
Did you know that the fourth slot of the fan hook which serves to link to the motherboard are prone to fracture? If that happens then the coolant will not chip embedded on the surface of the processor. As a result, temperature rise and heat of the processor will not be removed effectively. Once the temperature reaches a certain point then the processor will hang or computer restart itself. These cases can be identified from the speed of the processor cooling fan turning. Usually the processor fan rotation speed will be reduced if the processor temperature decreases. If the cooling fan speed always high (except the BIOS default setting) could be an indication of the effective temperature of the processor is not wasted because the cooling chip is less firmly attached to the surface of the processor.
The solution: replace the processor fan cooler. You can not just buy one of the hook fan, unless you have used one. You can take one of the hooks in good condition to replace a damaged one. If not, you should buy a new one, then fit a new processor fan cooler properly. Do not forget to apply thermal paste on the surface of processor fan cooler that contact with the processor.
thermal paste
Another possible source of the problem is the RAM memory chips. If the motherboard is old enough, the possibility of dirty on PCB track surface due to oxidation which prevents contact with its socket on the motherboard. The solution is, unplug all the RAM and then clean the PCB track surface using a good pencil eraser. Before reattaching it, make sure the surface of the PCB track surface has been cleared of dirt.
ram Clean the PCB track surface with a good pencil eraser
Based on my experience in PC repair, the case of damage of the processor fan cooler hook which is more common happens than the dirty RAM
Hopefully these tips help.

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