Speed up computer booting with Autoruns

This time I shared about the software to speed up booting a computer through an autorun program setting.

As you know, programs that run automatically on the autorun will slowdown the boot process and login. Even when the computer is booting, the speed will decrease and feels slow. In order to keep a computer fast you have to set which programs that autorun. So select that important.

Actually, Windows has already provided a program to manage autorun by using the command msconfig. But now Microsoft has provided a simple program used by the user, its name is Autoruns.


This program provides the option to hide the windows system files, to prevent errors to stop a program system. To use it just click | Option | Hide Microsoft and Windows Entries | or it could be | Option | Hide Windows Entries |

The program is quite small and standalone. This means do not need to be installed, but can be run directly from a folder by double click the .exe file. To select a specific program so not autostart you can remove the checklist.

If interested, please take here. Hopefully useful.

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