How to create Windows 7 installer using USB flashdisk

A USB installer for Windows 7 can be made using a free software called Koala. This program also lets you create a USB installer for Windows Vista and Windows Server System 2008.

USB installer is very useful to install the Windows without using a CD or DVD through the optical drive. So this method is suitable for use as intaller on netbook that generally have no optical drive.

Koala create a bootable USB from CD or DVD Windows installer, not the ISO file. So to create a USB installer, you need a computer running in Windows OS (Windows XP or newer), blank CD/DVD, CD/DVD original Windows Installer (Windows 7, Vista, or Windows Server System 2008), the computer must be installed NET framework. 2.0 or higher, and USB flash with a minimum capacity of 4 GB.

How to make it as follows:

1. Please download Koala here

2. Insert the DVD Windows 7 installer into the optical drive on your PC

3. Plug in the flashdisk

4. Start the Koala (see sceenshot below)


5. Click Scan on the Source to scan the source CD / DVD optical drive installer

6. Click Scan on the Destination to scan a USB drive that will be made installer

7. Lastly, click the Start button to begin the process of making a USB installer for Windows 7

This process takes about 10 -15 minutes, depending on the specifications of your computer. Please try to use it for booting your computer. Don’t forget to adjust the first boot option in BIOS settings.

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