Protect your computer with Free Wondershare Timefreeze

Wondershare Timefreeze is a free internet security tool that provides protection to your computer from viruses and malware. With this tool you can protect folders with a password and lock the folder with the folder protection features.

Unlike traditional antivirus software that offers Internet security is to constantly monitor what is downloaded, Wondershare Timefreeze make PC security by creating and providing a virtual environment where you can run applications and surfing the internet.

By the time you run Wondershare Timefreeze and activate the computer protection, the virtual environment is created and all operations are conducted in this environment. You can activate the "System Protection" by sliding the button at the bottom of the tab to "On". Altogether, including you downloaded is stored on the virtual environment. To save them into your PC, simply slide the button to "Off". All data generated on the virtual system will be transferred to your computer system.


Wondershare Timefreeze also serves as protection tools folder. There are two modes for the protection of folders, one mode prevents other users to access a protected folder, while Mode 2 allows another user to open a folder that is protected but is not allowed to make changes to files in it. This option is available on the "Folder Protection Settings" in the tab "Settings". You can also protect folders with password (lock folders) with the Password button. When you disable the protection or close the program, the program will ask you to enter a password.

You can download Wondershare Timefreeze here.

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